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Talbina (Organic Barley Flour)



How to Prepare Talbina?

Very easy! You need 1 tablespoon of barley flour per one cup of milk. In a nonstick pan, mix them steadily to avoid lump formation, and cook on low heat for 10-15 minutes. Barley is quite bland, so add in some honey, almonds, nuts, fruit, elachi or cinnamon powder etc. You could also braise it with some ghee.

Substitute water for milk if made for medicinal reasons.



?Strengthens stomach and the liver.

?Covers blood deficiency.

?Best thing for pregnant women having blood deficiency.

?Fulfills the iron deficiency in body.

?Helps in skin vitalizing and glowing.

?Provides body nutrition and helps in brain improvement.

?Restores energy.

?It is a wonderful Nabwi tonic for those children who feel lousy and weakness in early morning and not inclined to study.

?Kids having iron deficiency, must use it.

?It controls obesity.

?First solid diet for infants.

Continuous use of Talbina helps in cleaning and glowing of face skin for those women, having pimples and scars on their face.

?Talbina is a best treatment to cure nail diseases caused due to blood deficiency.

?Its use is best to overcome the weaknesses caused by diabetes.

?Usage of Talbina is second to none for controlling blood pressure.

?It is a best supplement for players and students.

?It helps to control Hepatitis.

?Best for controlling gastric acidity.

?It is best tonic for people lacking physical strength and energy.

?It is best remedy to recover from almost every disease.

?Helps in making hair beautiful and strong.

?It is best remedy for burning feet and hand.

?It is beneficial in women’s hormonal disorder.

?Its continuous usage gives a feeling of teenage for old people.

?It controls uric acid.

?Children who are suffering from thalassemia, must use it.

?In summer, use it in brown sugar syrup.

?It helps to boost immune system to cure dangerous diseases like tumor and cancer.

?It helps to minimize tension, depression, mental and nervous system weakness, tiredness, physical weakness, pain in waist and legs and muscle stretch.

?Talbina is not only effective for patients but also for healthy ones.


⚜Note: *Talbina can be used in every age and in every season.*


For sleeplessness and depression

Use of Talbina by Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi wa Sallam):

Sayyadatina ‘Aisha reports that whenever one of her relatives died, she would order that a pot of Talbina be cooked. Then Tharid (a dish prepared from meat and bread) would be prepared and Talbina would be poured over it. She would then say: *”Eat from it, for I heard the Messenger saying: “The Talbina soothes the heart of the patient and relieves him from some of his sadness.”* (Bukhari – 5058)

The Messenger (Sallallahu ‘Alayhi Wasallam) also said, *”I encourage you to use that which is disliked but beneficial (Talbina) for by the One whose hand Muhammad’s soul is in, it cleans the stomach of one of you just as dirt is cleaned from the face with water.”* (Mustadrak of Haakim: 7455)

Talbina is for everybody, but  if you are suffering from conditions like chronic constipation,  hypertension, arthritis, asthma, impotence, skin problems, anemia, obesity, diabetes, kidney or heart diseases, it’s time for you to make the switch. Barley keeps one’s intestines healthy, decreasing the movement time of feces and greatly reducing the chances of colon cancer and hemorrhoids. It also helps in avoiding gallstones by reducing bile acid secretion, thereby increasing insulin sensitivity and lowering the triglyceride levels. It’s also good for arthritis patients as it contains 11 times more calcium content than milk! Barley is also a good source of Niacin, the vitamin that dissolves fat concentrated lipoproteins that clog blood vessels.

Besides the obvious psychological benefits, barley is an excellent source of both soluble and insoluble fiber. It also contains an abundance of beta-glucans which are highly effective in reinforcing the body’s immune system, besides the various other minerals such as Iron, B vitamins, Magnesium, Zinc, Phosphorus, Copper, and Chromium. Is antioxidant prevents free radicals within the body, thus decreasing the risk of heart diseases and cancer. Barley also contains the eight essential amino acids which represents the complete protein requirement in our diet.