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September 8, 2021
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Rosita cod liver oil softgels


  • Pure: Contains 100% naturally occurring nutrients: vitamins A and D, and a full spectrum of omega fatty acids (including EPA and DHA); no synthetic vitamins.
  • Sustainable: Authentic cod are caught hook and line on our own fishing boats in Norway.
  • Unprocessed & raw: Oil is quickly and naturally released — without heat, chemicals or mechanics.
  • Convenient: Does not require refrigeration; ideal for those who’d rather skip the taste of fresh fish and fantastic for travel.

Health benefits of Rosita Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil (EVCLO):

High source of Vitamin D: EVCLO contains one of nature’s best sources of Vitamin D3 in the cholecalciferol form, which is the form of Vitamin D that we make when exposed to sunlight. Vitamin D is essential for strong bones, muscles and overall health.Heart and circulatory system: Omega-3 fatty acids may help to lower blood pressure, as well as improve circulation issues such as varicose veins. Long term supplementation of Omega-3 fatty acids has also been shown to have a protective effect for the heart.Eye health and protection: EVCLO provides a natural source of Vitamin A which is essential to eye health and vision. The long chain omega-3 fatty acids in EVCLO have also been shown to help the cells of the retina and the cornea heal and regenerate.Regulates hormones: Omega-3 fatty acids may help to regulate hormone balance and estrogen production and can improve the ratio of Omega-3 fatty acid to Omega-6 fatty acid.Skin hair and nutrition: The Omega-3 fatty acids in EVCLO contain anti-inflammatory properties which may help to alleviate skin conditions. EVCLO also contains naturally occurring Vitamin D, which plays an important role in the health of your skin and hair.Promotes natural weight loss: When used in combination with diet and exercise, the long chain Omega-3 fatty acids in EVCLO may help to promote natural weight loss. Studies have shown Omega-3 fatty acids helps attenuate weight gain and reduce body fat.Enchanced immunity: Extra Virgin Cod Liver Oil is a great natural source of Vitamin D and Omega-3 fatty acids which are known to boost immunity. Vitamin D has been shown to inhibit inflammatory cytokines which cause inflammation.Brain and nervous system: EVCLO is rich in long-chain omega-3 essential fatty acids EPA and DHA. These essential fats provide powerful neuroprotective properties – reducing inflammation, promoting new cell formation, helping to build healthy cell membranes and improve nerve transmission.Improve mental health & performance: Omega-3 fatty acids have been shown to improve cognitive function, learning and mental health. There are a number of studies which show that Omega-3s can effectively treat depression and anxiety. Learn more here.Maintain bone health: EVCLO is a great source of natural Vitamin D in the cholecalciferol (D3) form which is highly bioavailable helps maintain the health of your bones and teeth. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with decreased bone density and osteoporosis.Improve sleep quality: EVCLO is a natural source of highly bioavailable Vitamin D.

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